Granite Bracket - Standard Plus

Granite Bracket - Standard Plus

Centerline’s Standard Plus hidden countertop support bracket is a versatile product that can be used as a knee- or pony-wall support or as an island countertop support.

The Standard Plus countertop support differs from the Standard in that it has a 1½” flange on the back of the bracket. The rear flange wraps down the backside of the knee or pony wall and provides an extra contact point for securing the bracket.

Made of ½” thick steel, this sturdy bracket can support an overhang up to 21”.

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Standard Plus Granite Brackets


  • Horizontal support is 2½” wide x ½” thick steel
  • Length is 8” – 21”, determined by customer
  • 4 mounting holes, ¼”, countersunk, offset pattern
  • The flange is 2½” wide x 1½” tall x ¼” thick steel with 1 mounting hole, ¼”, countersunk