Granite Bracket - Forward L

Forward L Bracket

The Forward L countertop support is the best choice for a commercial environment, in areas with a high volume of traffic, or if supporting an overhang of 18” or more. This bracket provides extra mounting points on the flange that allows the bracket not only to be attached to the cap of the knee or pony wall, but to the vertical studs as well.

This two-contact-point mounting system provides an additional level of support for overhangs up to 22”.

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Forward L Bracket Granite Bracket


  • Horizontal support is 2½” wide x ½” thick steel
  • Length is 9” – 22”, determined by customer
  • 4 mounting holes, ¼”, countersunk, offset pattern
  • The flange is 2½” wide x 4” tall x ¼” thick steel with 2 mounting holes, ¼”, countersunk